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Zoom App Can hack your WhatsApp, Facebook everything

Zoom can hack your whatsapp

India recently announced Zoom the infamous application used for online classes and video conferencing is not secure. It seems there are several security breaches.

Zoom App if found not secure can be hack your whole device especially android devices. while apple devices less targeted. With the help of zoom application one hacker can gain access to the WhatsApp documents, images, videos with just few commands.

Within few minutes your all data will be compromised. If your device is compromised your banking authorization, OTP, Facebook and other social media are also easily hackable.

A Hacker can read your SMS, leads to hacking of Email Accounts, Banking, Social Media as well as WhatsApp. By SMS hacking your WhatsApp Data is easily Hacked. A hacker will verify your WhatsApp on his machine and verify it. after then will use Gmail for backup of the WhatsApp data that’s it. Without rooting the device, He has your Chat history.

There various other possible to hack WhatsApp but just One Black hat hacker needs a source to communicate with the device partially. Similarly, your other accounts are easily hackable.

If your device is root then hacker can also read your WhatsApp messages easily with no time.

If you try uninstall the application the smart hacker might have already injected malicious file which is kept hidden and still collect your data while you are connecting to the data.

While installing Zoom you provide all necessary permission camera one also, one hacker stream live video without the user information. In short user’s life will be nightmare.

If the app is installed on the windows os,A hacker can inject the malicious file into the windows system which are easily available on the surface internet.

Hacker can even listen chat with other while your device is standby .It’s not the only zoom app vulnerable to such attacks, There are numerous such apps but the Zoom app will be targeted because of the large amount of users .In large amount of users there are easy catch who get easily hacked by various other ways.

Russian and Chinese Hackers are expertise in this all. There are government sponsored hackers who are always into this kind of massive breach.

Zoom is hackable?

Sources reported the hackers have already uploaded the data of 500,000 of zoom users on the dark web, which means hackers have already have entered into Zoom. For them to inject the malicious app or file  into the device to communicate with the device and collect data.

Your live stream of classes is hackable. As mentioned above your webcam or Device cam can stream video even if user device is  standby.There are numbers tools which helps to exploit with just few commands.Metaexploit is one of them .

So far, we don’t know whether this kind of hack has been reported but due to coronavirus fear this hack is surely possible via phishing attempt or manipulating user to install the specify application which leads to compromised the user’s device.

There are few simples’ ways to protect yourselves from hack

First don’t install any application that are modded. Don’t install such app that don’t have much authority. Like Zoom hacker can use any other app to hack you. Avoid clicking on the links especially while downloading movies or Netflix series.Avoid the message or emails from the unknown user.

Check your file manager, and find out any unnecessary file or folder with format .sh or any other, before deleting it search about file the internet, so that it doesn’t corrupt your data or app data.

At last be caution while surfing the internet.