You would Go To Jail For Visiting Into Jihadi Websites | Isis |

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What if you wake up one morning and saw the police knocking on your door or the secret service searching your apartment? Your crime? You have been visiting a Jihadi website for some time now and your online behavior got traced!
Since the increase in the terrorist attacks from Jihadi groups such as Al Qaeda and ISIS, there has been a heightened sense of urgency among the governments around the world, especially against the groups that are active online such as ISIS which has its own cyber Jihadists, either directly working with the group or those who support it.
This fear or what can be termed as a precautionary measure has resulted in the arrest of a 32 year old person in France. It is reported that the said person had been visiting websites of ISIS supporters and groups that are pro-ISIS. Since he had been doing it for over two years, he was under the surveillance for visiting these websites.
When his house was raided, the French police found Jihadi material from his home. His family members also reported that they found changes in his behavior. This could be due to the online influence of the ISIS supporters.
Whatever the case might be, it is sure that the authorities out there are looking for people even with passive relations with Jihadists. So, even if you are visiting such websites simply out of curiosity, then you must refrain from doing it, as it may land you in trouble. Therefore, be very vigilant that either you or anyone else does not visit these websites or social media pages of terrorists. Similarly, secure your Wi Fi so that nobody could use it to access these pages.
It is debatable that this action from the authorities is a preventive measure or a knee jerk reaction. Since the attack on Charlie Hedbo, French President Francios Hollande has tightened the screws on terrorists. The said man who was arrested has been fined $31,000 and imprisonment for two years.