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It is a fact that free service gives us a lot of happiness such as the unlimited internet.Reliance Jio has given one such offer where users will have 1 GB data per day.It means 30 GB per month. Since its launch till we have free internet service, it is all just too awesome and feels like we are in heaven!We all are happy and praising Jio for its 4G service and high speed.In other words, I would say Indian users did a good job buying a sim or got a free sim and made unlimited calling and free internet with no billing at all! And, it is good and you are smart -until now.

What Reliance exactly wanted is to gain access to the millions of subscribers in the minimum time.The option which helped them was free calling and free internet service. And, they created the craze among the Indian users and made it trendy by offering more free services such as Jio TVand Jio apps, etc.

What I am trying to say is Reliance wanted to position their brand Jio in the telecommunication market within minimum possible time and achieve first rank. They did it by offering free services which is the reason why Jio is found almost everywhere.
However, did you wonder why Mukesh Ambani extended the free services till March 31 2017 instead of ending it on December 3 2016?It was because the initial free period did not get the company the results they were looking for and the entire exercise was just a total waste of money and wastage of the brand. It was because they didn’t get as many subscribers as they were expecting, leading to the activity becoming futile.

Once the free offer is over,the company might reach their target but then they will charge for data and voice calls.It is quite possible that the speed will be high and the price will be low. The price is slated to be as little as Rs.50 for 1GB of data, which is likely to attract a large number of subscribers, and most of them who are already using Jio might continue with it. Also, there will be a single bill for voice and data, which means that the costs will further go down.

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Voice and Internet are working on VOLTE Technology

Despite it, there is a caveat here. 1GB of data at Rs.50 might seem an excellent offer, but you are more than likely to use all the data within a matter of a few days instead of an entire month.The calls are also covered under the VOLTE technology. This technology uses the internet to transmit voice. Therefore, it might be publicized by the company that they will not be charging for the voice calls, in reality, you will be paying for the voice indirectly as more and more data will be consumed and you will exhaust your 1GB quota in no time. How much data will be consumed is still not known, but it is going to be a lot more than 1GB and you will end up paying Rs.50 for each gigabyte of data you will consume, most of it for making and receiving calls.
While it might seem difficult to comprehend as to how Jio can turn out to be an expensive affair despite the tall claims made by the company that the cost of using its service will be too low, you need to understand that nothing comes for free in this world. You even have to pay for water even in those regions of the world where water is found in abundance. Nothing is unlimited and everything has a limit.

Jio created Craze Among the Indian users By free calling and internet

All of this is just a marketing strategy to get market penetration and increase the subscriber base which can then be milked later on. Also, let me tell you how does VOLTE function and how voice calls are routed using data. VOLITE means voice over lite,a new protocol which enables us to call over lite network while other 2g,3g networks work on circuit switch.4g or lite network works on packets switching,which means voice is sent to the receiver in the form of small packets which improves its quality and connectivity.
Also, you will need to use a VOLTE enabled handset for using this type of technology.

Reliance is also selling 4G phones so that its subscribers can use its sim cards. Once a subscriber buys a 4G phone and use Jio, they are unlikely to revert to a 3G handset or network. However, in several parts of India, 4G still does not give you the speed you need, and Reliance Jio also faces severe network issues.

Issues Faced by Jio Network

Already a lot of issues are being faced by Jio users, one of them being inability to connect to 2G and 3G phones of the people they call. However, it seems that at least this issue has been rectified by Reliance. Despite it, possibly high cost of data and lack of infrastructure could make it expensive to use Jio.We are just trying to say do switch to the jio network properly ,Although calling and internet bill of the Jio network will be cheap but obviously the other network will find the way to keep their subscribers engaged,its common sense
but the thing Jio did is that it created the revolution and bring the communication cheap with the upgraded technology so other operators are on the way

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