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Xiaomi Mi A2 vs Redmi Note 5 pro


Xiaomi Mi A2 :- Everybody is familiar the performance of the Redmi note 5 pro which one of the most selling smartphone in the India so far .Due to the best performance .Xiaomi released number of the smartphone after Redmi note 5 pro but they couldn’t defeat the Redmi note 5 pro but this time xiaomi will surely  overtake redmi note 5 probably with ht enew smartphone MI A2

lets find out how much Mi  A2 is better than Redmi note 5 pro with the following major differences.

1. Of course we all know how much technology changes within the months so exactly here Mi a2 has android one .

2. Mi A2 has better camera quality, we all are surprised with camera of the M a1.

3. Mi A2 has chip-set Qualcomm sdm660 snapdragon 660
with GPU 512.

4. Mi A2 will not have the memory card slot which could be disadvantage for some users.

5. Vdeo quality is [email protected] obviously its upgraded than note 5 pro which has [email protected]

6. It will have type-c port instead micro USB.

7.lighter than the Redmi note 5 pro.

8.Battery is only 3010 mah which comparably lower than the redmi note 5 pro which has 4000 mah. Its very confusing why the xiaomi here has kept the battery only 3000 mah .Well its upgraded than Redmi note 5 pro while features are lacking like battery and the memory card slot ‘because data is increasing day by day as user’s are using  social media application. It will be available on the amazon which is better , unlikely on flipkart where it goes out of stock within the seconds .let hope Mi a2 would be available to us properly unlike with redmi note 5 pro(6gb)black which is still isn’t much available in the market.Also visit