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World Dangerous Song Gloomy Sunday with 100 Killings

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In 1933 Hungary, Rezso Seress had a break-up with his girlfriend. It happened to be a Sunday. Feeling rejected, he wrote a song “ Gloomy Sunday ”.

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He took his composition to a publisher who rejected it as he felt the song was quite depressing for him to bear it. When Seress took the song to a second publisher, he committed suicide after hearing it.
It was only the third publisher who finally released the song in Europe. However, soon after following incidents occurs :-

Someone in Berlin killed himself by shooting.

The song’s next victim was a boy in Rome who jumped off a bridge.

In Hungary itself, 17 people killed themselves after listening to the song. When it was released in the US, a woman was its first victim.

Later, the song was banned in many places around the world. Some composers tried to add an extra verse to it. There was even an attempt to play only the tune of the song and not its lyrics. But nothing worked. The song is said to have induced more than 100 people to kill themselves.

Lyrics of Gloomy Sunday

it is really tough to find the original  version of Gloomy Sunday,we guess this would be the that version.for us its tough to understand what is the song all about .we cant actually feel it.we have provided the song’s link at the below of article .

So, what’s so ominous about this song? Why do so many people commit suicide listening to it? The main reason which is given is that the song is so depressing, not just the lyrics but also the composition that sounds pretty gloomy and consequently triggers an emphatic response in the listeners, which leads to their suicide.
But the question remains why people would be influenced so much by just a song when there is so much pain and sorrow all around them? What’s there in this song that people perceive which they aren’t able to perceive in poverty, crime, and violence. It is interesting to note that this song was composed just a few years before the World War II, which almost devastated Europe? So, how come none of the destruction was as depressing as this song?
Could it be that all this is a myth? A modern mythology? Is there any statistical evidence that this song led to so many suicides? Or is it that those who were suicidal listened to this song? No one knows for sure. But the fact remains that for more than 8 decades now, this song continues to hold its position of being the most depressing song that has led to so many suicides.