Wikileaks planning more leaks before the US elections

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As the US elections are fast approaching, Wikileaks is planning to make public some sensations leaks about the US. Wikileaks is planning to use it as its celebration for completing 10 years. These leaks will include documents related to the US government, army, the National Security Agency (NSA), and the US detention centres or jails.

In the 10 years since it first began leaking the documents, Wikileaks has leaked over 10 million documents. In its fresh rounds of leaks, which is being planned to last for 10 weeks, it is planning to release several more documents.

Among the leaks are the details of the US military attacks on Afghanistan and Iraq, prisoners detained at the Guantanamo Bay, NSA surveillance operations, and even the US elections and army contracts.

The elections in the US will be conducted on 8th November 2016, and the leaks are planned before it. Initially Julian Assange, the person behind the original Wikileaks, had planned to make more leaks before these elections and execute it on 4th October 2016. But now it seems that due to the security concerns, he has decided to step back and not become a part of it.


At this moment, the leaks are still awaited, and we will keeping posting you with updates.

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