WikiLeaks will grant access to the CIA Hacking tools
This shocking title is indeed true! WikiLeaks has made an announcement that it will leak details and information pertaining to the hacking tools used by the Central Intelligence Agency of the United States, popularly known as the CIA. However, at this moment, the leaked information shall only be available to the tech companies that operate in the field of information security and malware. They might benefit from these tools in enhancing their products and services.
Te announcement was made by Julian Assange, the man behind the WikiLeaks. In the announcement, Assange stated that the intent of leaking the information first to the tech companies is because they can use them to secure their clients from malware and Trojan attacks as well as from the surveillance methods of the governments. These companies will have a special and privileged access to the tools before they are released to the general public over the surface internet. Contrary to the dark web, the surface internet is the commonly used internet. However, only 1 percent of all the tools and the associated information will be available on the surface internet. The remaining data shall continue to remain with WikiLeaks.
Julian Assange delivered this message from the Ecuador Embassy at London.
Several questions are being raised over the authenticity of these leaks. CIA is unwilling to give a direct response over the validity of these leaked tools. However, it is believed that the tools and information were stolen by using malwares to exploit the IOS and Android operating systems installed on the smartphones of the CIA operatives working with the agency’s hacking division. It is believed that there are over 5,000 registered members of the CIA hacking division and are believed to have an exclusive access to the Trojans and malwares developed and used by the CIA. It is also believed that the tools and the information could have been leaked by the ex-hackers who have worked with CIA.
The FBI and the other government agencies will probe the matter. President Donald Trump has also stated that there is a need to replace outdated systems used by CIA in order to upgrade the security.
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