Wi Fi Routers Shut Down In A Small Italian Town Over Health Issues
An Italian town named Borgofranco d’Ivrea in Piedmont has witnessed something unique and unprecedented. The mayor of the town, Livio Tola has asked the two schools in the town, a high school and another elementary school to shut down the Wi Fi routers in order to minimize the effects of electromagnetic waves that, according to the mayor have the potential to cause harm to small children.
There has been a debate in the field of technology and medical science whether wireless technologies such as Wi Fi routers or mobile devices cause any harm. Although there have been no concluding evidences, it is believed that electromagnetic waves create anxiety and other mental disorder among the people within its range.
When the mayor of this town read about the ill effects of electromagnetic waves, the schools were asked to do away with the Wi Fi routers and instead use cables for connectivity. Borgofranco d’Ivrea is a small town with a population of just 3800. The move is being supported by many but is also being opposed. Several individuals including the parents of the children have termed the move as regressive.
Several scientists claim that electromagnetic waves make a negative impact on people and especially children. It affects their cell generation and cause other health issues. The mayor said that the move will result in healthier children who would 20 years in the future will appreciate this move. Despite the criticism, the move, even if there is no concluding evidence needs to be taken positively as it shows the best intention of the mayor to promote good health among children. But, even several parents are opposing this move saying that it will impede using tablets in the classroom by students who use it for educational purpose.