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Gates Foundations and WHO Hacked

Bill Gates Hacked

WHO (world Health Organization) and Bill Gates Foundation Got Hacked? All the Data are uploaded. Hacked Data is kept deleting from the internet, but we manage to upload all data and show all important details to the public. So far, we have collected the over 5000 emails from the WHO (world Health Organization) and hundreds of Emails from the Gates Foundation which we have estimated so far. Our Researchers are currently on the hacked data.Its Seems the Anonymous hackers are behind this hack.

We will not upload the whole data here.

Gates Foundations Emails and password

[email protected]          T00fastlin

[email protected]         Chase99R

[email protected]           Jean5326

[email protected]   mangles

[email protected]          nathaniel1

[email protected]     252711

[email protected]  redsox

[email protected] recruiting

[email protected]        ywehxods!

[email protected]       bruja111

[email protected]  ka_dJKHJsy6

[email protected] 4squid25

[email protected]   alarms

[email protected] $amSpa6e

[email protected]   mclain

[email protected]      youngmoney

[email protected]           sRs5600

[email protected]          may261979

[email protected] silverda

[email protected]          silverda

[email protected] silverda

Full Gates Foundations Emails and Password(click here)

WHO Hacked Emails and passwords

[email protected]           segokiqy                                                          

[email protected]           darbosaa                                                         

[email protected]           segokiqy                                                          

[email protected]            cuwenypo                                                       

[email protected]            cuwenypo                                                       

[email protected]            cuwenypo                                                       

[email protected]               liondragon                                                      

[email protected]               fijidyku                                              

[email protected]               fijidyku          

More WHO Hacked Emails and Passwords 

Self-Inflicted Ebola Virus Infection (2004)

Russian Scientist Dies in Ebola Accident at Former Weapons Lab

A Russian scientist at a former Soviet biological weapons laboratory in Siberia has died after accidentally sticking herself with a needle laced with ebola, the deadly virus for which there is no vaccine or treatment, the lab’s parent Russian center announced over the weekend.

Plague Outbreak in Chicago (2009)

Fatal Laboratory-Acquired Infection with an Attenuated Yersinia pestis Strain — Chicago, Illinois, 2009

On September 18, 2009, the Chicago Department of Public Health (CDPH) was notified by a local hospital of a suspected case of fatal laboratory-acquired infection with Yersinia pestis, the causative agent of plague. The patient, a researcher in a university laboratory, had been working along with other members of the laboratory group with a pigmentation-negative (pgm-) attenuated Y. pestis strain (KIM D27). The strain had not been known to have caused laboratory-acquired infections or human fatalities. Other researchers in a separate university laboratory facility in the same building had contact with a virulent Y. pestis strain (CO92) that is considered a select biologic agent; however, the pgm- attenuated KIM D27 is excluded from the National Select Agent Registry (1). The university, CDPH, the Illinois Department of Public Health (IDPH), and CDC conducted an investigation to ascertain the cause of death. This report summarizes the results of that investigation, which determined that the cause of death likely was an unrecognized occupational exposure (route unknown) to Y. pestis, leading to septic shock.

Now the comes to documentations, as the hackers have requested to the public for his safety as he is exposing the world’s two major organizations and managed to expose their conspiracy.

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WHO Hacked Emails and Passwords

Gates Foundations Emails and passwords

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