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WhatsApp Using On US Phone Number Free | Free US Numbers |

WhatsApp using US Number Free

How to use US based Phone Numbers on Whatsapp Free. You can create the WhatsApp, Telegram, Signal account with it. We get the US Phone Number free.

How to Get started

First of all, install the WhatsApp business on your smartphone and 2nd-line application. After installation of both apps. Create a new account in the second line with the temporary email address. You can create Temp Email in a seconds from the below link :

Now Use any of the US code 212, 413 rest of you can find more code on google.

Now we need to check numbers on which WhatsApp can be installed. As some of these numbers are blacklisted, The numbers are refreshing every 60 seconds.

Within the 60 seconds you have to put the number in the WhatsApp business. If the number got registered it will ask for the code, if not then it will show the message that

This number can’t be registered…

If this occurs then try with other numbers or change the area codes. If your number got registered and ask for the code then you need to select a number on the 2nd line immediately, So that you can grab that number and get the code via call or SMS.
Bravo you are done.

Enable Two step Verification

Enable the two-step verification on, So that one cannot theft this number using the same technique.
if somehow you lost the number then, you will use this technique.

We manually tested this technique but one cannot the hold number for too long as this is the free version of the second line. If you purchase the particularly from the second line then the scenario changes for you.

Make sure you do not try this technique to run on the main WhatsApp. This method only works works on the Whatsapp Business. That’s great we can use both WhatsApp simultaneously.