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WhatsApp users sent 60 billion messages and 7 billion images on New Year

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It The debate whether WhatsApp is still the most preferred app in the world has been put to rest. The statistics of the app usage as recently as the 1st January 2017 has quelled all the questions as to whether the popularity of this messaging App has been reducing.

No doubt that this messaging app is still the king of the messaging world and the figures of the messages and the images sent using it confirm this notion. WhatsApp was used by its users to send 60 billion messages on the New Year! On top of that, it was also used for sending 7 billion images. And, it doesn’t end there! 2.4 billion Videos were also sent using WhatsApp during the same period. It is to be noted that New Year means a few days before and after 1st January 2017. However, it is just a small time period – almost less than a week.

According to messaging company , it has over a billion active users a month. So, the numbers of messages, images, and videos sent using WhatsApp mean that not only is it used by 1 billion people, but on an average each user sent 60 messages, 7 images and 2.4 videos. Now that’s a lot of content. Not just the number of users is high, but also per user usage too is high.

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Whatsapp in the past :-

When we look at the history of WhatsApp, it was launched in 2009. The feat it has achieved is remarkable, something which justifies its $19 billion acquisition by Facebook. Despite the presence of numerous messaging applications now such as Line, Wechat, etc. WhatsApp continues to be the defending champion. The app now also offers video calls and creation of Gif messages, which further makes it more user friendly. More such features are expected to be introduced in near future, which will keep the unchallenged status of WhatsApp intact.