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WhatsApp Can Be Hacked using Gif Images

Whatsapp hacking with image

WhatsApp is the most famous messaging application used by billions globally. Recently, WhatsApp announced about this bug. Using this Bug, a Hacker can send the Gif message to the victim. As soon as the victim opens the image, the hacker will have the access to the victim’s Whatsapp. This leads to the exploitation of the user’s privacy.

Hacker can then access the chat history and other content of the WhatsApp. One can’t imagine that with one malicious Gif message, a user’s privacy would be compromised so easily!

So, is WhatsApp really safe?

No, nothing is safe on the internet. Everything on the internet can be hacked. The only difference is that some are easy to hack while some are highly secured and can’t be hacked so easily which means they require considerable efforts and skills by the hackers. One should avoid sending the private data from these infamous messaging applications. These types of messaging apps are targeted by government sponsored hackers or other black hat hackers.

We are all curious about “how to hack WhatsApp account” to find out user’s information. So imagine if this bug is not patched, some hackers would bring nightmares into user’s life by gaining an easy access to their WhatsApp account.

We all share private information like videos, images, audio, and documents. Now, if all this would be compromised it would be serious issue for the user. We never believed Facebook nor its products since Cambridge Analytica. If you still trust on them then recall it and ask yourself is your data really safe?

Whatsapp has been target of fake news, used for election campaign, honey traps, terrorism, conspiracy, and many more things.

Stay safe and use internet for spreading knowledge and love. Be very careful what you share or access. It could mean losing all your privacy and confidential information if you click one wrong Gif image. So, do not trust and click on images received from unknown sources.

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