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What Is Golang Programming ?

What is Golang Programming?

Golang is a general purpose and open source language developed by Google. Golang was introduced in 2009. Golang also know as Go was introduced to develop complex or large-scale applications. Go combined important features of other established languages for simplicity and concurrency. Some of the features of Go include:

  • Platform -Independent

Write the program once using this language and it can run on every other platform

  • Automatic Garbage Collection for Memory Management
  • Multiple Process Running simultaneously -Fast and High Performance
  • Standard Library
  • Easy and Modern Documentation
  • Check errors before execution

There are many more features like statically-typed, type safety, and other advanced features.

Google Developed Golang for faster development of the applications with high performance. Every language has some drawbacks. Hence, to erase few drawbacks Go was introduced. Go is one the young programming language.

How to get started with Golang?

How to install Go? Simply download the Go installation file from below or from the official website of Go

Download Golang

Install the Go by following the below steps:-

Open the Downloaded Go File

Click Next

Click Next, after accepting terms and conditions

Click Next, after choosing your preferred drive

Finally Click on install. You are done and welcome to Go world

After completing the installation, let’s create one Simple Program in Go. You can use Vi or Vim text editor for go. Here I will us notepad ++

Syntax: –

package main

import “fmt”

func main(){

    fmt.Println(“I am learning Go via”)


Save the File with .go extension.

To run the File, Open Cmd (Type cmd in windows search bar to open cmd )

Change the drive location where you have to save the file by cd command

Like: C:\Users\Acer\Cd Desktop

Hit Enter

Finally, to run Go file, type the below command

Go run filename.go   

Hit Enter

Go is available for Linux Operating System and Mac Operating System as well ,For more details Log on

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