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Web Scraping Tool Free Without Coding

Web Scraping Tool Free Without Coding

Web Scraping Tool free without any coding is now available. We don’t need python or any other language for web scraping. Web scraping tool Octoparse scrap the data in seconds. It will automatically scrape the data from the target website. We can collect data from the target website within some minutes. octoparse very powerful tools which run on local or on also cloud also.

With the Octoparse web scraping tool, you can configure it within a few clicks. Most of the tools are a bit techy to configure or takes time. With octoparse, you can scrape a large amount of data, especially from eCommerce websites.

Octoprase is a free service and has a premium service if you want to scrape data via the cloud server. Its auto-detection helps easily scrape the image’s URLs.
if you are a freelancer or want data for your project then we recommend octoparse on number 1.

Talking about other tools, We have Parsehub which is also good. Parsehub is like octoparse but you need to manually configure it for scraping data. As Octoparse automatic configuration helps the user who has no experience in scraping. Parsehub has some limited features if we compare it with Octoparse. google chrome extension tool is not recommended as it requires to learn first from the tutorials. If you have experience in web scraping then you can use but we found it time taking in scraping the data.

How to scrape data with Octoparse?

  • Simple Download Octoparse from below
    Download Octoparse
  • After signing up
  • Click on a new task
  • We have two modes: Simple and Advance
    In simple mode, we have ready-made templates like for amazon, et. In advance mode, we have an auto-detection feature for scraping any website or can manually configure it.
  • Then you need to click on creating the workflow.
  • Finally hit the run task
  • Within some minutes, you will be able to export data in CSV or JSON formats.

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