Pope Targeted by Turkish Hackers

Following Pope Francis’s statements referring to the mass killings by Turks of Armenians as ‘Genocide’, Turkish hackers targeted the Vatican City’s official website in protest against these comments by Pope. The Vatican website www.vatican.va was brought down on the evening of 13th April by a Turkish hacker who goes by the name @THTHerakles and it said that the attacks would continue and the website shall remain offline unless the Pope issues an official apology.

According to this hacker, the comments by the Pope are not acceptable and do not suit the stature of a highly respectable religious figure like Pope. According to him, Pope, due to his religious stature must avoid making such biased comments and the facts about the ‘Armenian Genocide’ are baseless and are false allegations. Despite the claim from the hacker that the website will be kept offline, it was back online within a few hours.

Pope’s comments have become highly controversial with even the Turkish government opposing these comments. Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu stated that these comments are far from the historic and legal facts and that Pope must be careful while making such comments. He further stated that such high religious offices should not perpetrate animosity and hatred by making such comments.

Vatican City websites have been targeted in the past due to several controversies attached with the Catholic Church. In 2012, the hacktivist group Anonymous attacked the Vatican City’s website in protest against the alleged sexual abuses by priests of little children. Vatican has had its share of controversies and has been facing opposition from several groups around the world. The latest in the line of protests against Vatican is the attack on the Vatican City website by the Turkish hacker.

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