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US Schools Using Phone Hacking Tools For Students Surveillance

US Schools Using Phone Hacking Tools For Students Surveillance

US Schools are using phone hacking tools for the surveillance of students. We understand the use of the phone hacking tools by federal laws and local police, why do the Us schools need the phone hacking tools that the FBI uses for criminals.

Celebrite one of the famous companies for breaking smartphone security. FBI has been working with the Cellebrite we all know that. US Schools are also now using their products. School administration Use the device for the surveillance anonymously.

Free to hack into students

Us military, federal laws have a warrant and other legal formalities for investigating the criminals through the smartphone. No legal formalities are for the US Schools, They are free to hack into student’s smartphones. Tons of data in the hand of the administration of the school wow.

No privacy

US Military and US Schools are using same device for the surveillance. One cannot differentiate between the military and schools now. Lakes of students are in the US , Owning a private data or personal life, School administration can easily download Text messages, photos, other data even it’s deleted. Isn’t it horrifying?

Administration of school would be like targeting specific students for their personal means. Now you decide, The same products used for terrorists or students. I don’t think we have any kind of law for this ? Are the students a threat to the United States Now ?

Cellebrite Is a company that helps the government in solving various criminal cases digitally. They also provide training to their clients.

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