US president acknowledges that terrorists are using internet to brainwash people
The President of the United States of America, Barack Obama has stated publically, that terrorist organisations like the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) and Al Qaeda are using the internet such as the social media websites to brainwash people inside the United States to converting them to radical elements perpetrating terrorist activities.
Obama further stated that these terrorist organisations use social media portals like Facebook, Twitter and other portals to influence and recruit radical elements. This point is proven by a news item that says that ISIS is now even using LinkedIn to recruit terrorists based on their skillsets listed on the professional social media portal.
The investigations in the terrorist attacks at San Bernadrino that resulted in the killing of 14 people, have revealed a startling fact confirming what the US President has said. The investigations have found that the perpetrators of the attack were the radicals that pledged allegiance to the Islamic terrorist to Islamic terrorists via private messages sent on Facebook. It proves how widely social media portals are being used by terrorists to spread their message across and influence the people to join them.
Such incidents have resulted in governments asking social media players to take stringent action against terrorists by reporting such acts immediately. It requires for a higher form of surveillance. But, the social media giants have refused to give into the demand of the terrorists saying they already have a policy in place to that removes such offensive posts immediately.
However, this has not stopped the terrorists from using social media to contact and influence people around the world including the United States of America. It is now a major problem, which according to the US president is influencing the war on terrorist waged by the US and its allies.