U.S. and Europe threatened with Electronic Warfare by ISIS supporting hackers

Meet Hackers

Hackers group which supports ISIS has released a video threatening a barrage of cyber-attacks in Europe and the United States. Though the video claimed that it is from the Defenders of the Islamic State over the internet, the video was not released through the media generally used by ISIS. It is therefore believed that the video does not come directly from ISIS but rather from one of the hackers group which supports ISIS.

The hackers in the video have threatened the governments of the United States and Europe with attacks termed by them as an electronic warfare against the west. The video is in Arabic with English subtitles and features a person whose face is hidden and he claims to represent the hackers group. It was claimed in the video that all the electronic activities in Europe and the United States are being monitored and that they will soon be attacking these electronic activities thereby causing grave damage to Europe and the United States.

It is strongly believed that the video has not been released directly by the ISIS and is the work of one of their supporting groups. The video uses the term ISIS while referring to the Islamic State. The cyber-attack threats have grown in the recent times especially in the United States and the U.S. government has taken a cognisance of these attacks. President Obama recently signed an executive order for creating a response mechanism to these growing threats. A state of National Emergency has been declared in the cyberspace due to the growing attacks which exploit the vulnerability of the cyber and network systems in the United States.

Over the past six months, a group calling itself Cyber Caliphate have launched several cyber-attacks which included websites of governments and prominent personalities.