United Cyber caliphate The New Cyber Army of ISIS

After spreading their evil thinking to world through conquering some regions ,Now ISIS comeback on the internet after suffering cyebrattacks on the internet via twitter ,Anonymous and other independent hackers

There are some ISIS affiliated hackers group namely”(caliphate cyber army),(sons Caliphate Army)(Ghost Caliphate Section)(Kalachniv Esecurity Team).

Recently One of the hacker affiliated Isis killed in drone attack who was leading the hackers group.Through Media These Group were highlighted and some took them seriously ,as per some eye keepers on these hackers they believe they are not professional too to call themselves a hacker but some of the group are good in hacking.These hackers groups joined together to form a new group named by UNITED CYBER CALIPHATE which increased their strength in hacking down their targets.

Telegram is the messenger through which these Isis affiliated people can discuss about their mission or hacks.Announcement of this group was also made Here it is :-

“after relying on almighty Allah and by his grace incorporation between Islamic state hackers team to expand our operation to hit them deeper we announce our new team “UNITED CYBER CALIPHATE”

These different teams joined together as a one so that their hacking skill would be increased which will help them in gaining the name in the cyber world.

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