UK ISPs block several pirate domains

Piracy is a global concern and the entertainment industry world over has been fighting the menace of the pirated stuff that adversely impacts their business. Despite their attempts to keep piracy at bay, piracy is only becoming more common. There, however seems some relief for the makers of the original thing, at least in the United Kingdom.

Since April 2012, several of these producers of the original works such as the BPI, MPA and book publishers have been successfully obtaining court orders getting the ISPs block various pirated sites. Premier League is the latest entrant and ah successfully got Row Sports blocked. As per the court ruling in April 2012, Pirate Bay was the first website to be blocked. Since then there have been 100s of ISPs that have been subsequently blocked.
The latest blocking order has mandated the various Internet Service Providers, including the six major ISPs of the United Kingdom to block 90 more domains. The domains blocked under this order and also the previous ones belong to torrent sharing websites, pirated and illegal video streaming websites and unauthorised broadcasting services.
The order also mandates blocking of duplicate and mirror websites of the originally banned websites. The entertainment industry majors who have got these blocking orders against such websites can add domain names to the list and the ISPs have to block them.
Every year entertainment industry loses out on millions of dollars globally and has to suffer due to piracy. The requirement to take stringent steps against such illegal mediums such as pirate websites is high and it is about time when such court orders are taken seriously by the ISPs.

But, the entire process has a catch. Several times the domains are blocked without proper notification to the users who are bemused to suddenly see these websites being blocked on their screens when they try to access them.