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ISIS Twitter accounts are attacked with pornbots |Hackers On Twitter|

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ISIS is the most prominent face of terrorism in the recent times overtaking the once notorious Al Qaida. And, governments and private organizations and people alike, who believe in freedom and equality, are doing their bit to annihilate this evil called ISIS from the face of earth.
In this process, even the hackers aren’t too behind and in the latest incident, hackers have found a very potent weapon against the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, also known as Daesh. And this weapon is, surprisingly, something that’s ISIS considers a taboo – Porn. That’s right! ISIS and its supporters’ accounts on Twitter are being targeted by bots that create accounts and then follow the targeted accounts. These bots have pornographic images on their profiles and share more pornographic images.

By following the accounts of ISIS and its supporters and sympathizers, these accounts are bombarded with porn photographs, making the account holders feel embarrassed. ISIS implements the teachings of Islam in the strangest forms for its followers. Pornography is considered to be a taboo and the followers of ISIS are prohibited from indulging into anything that is associated with porn. The ISIS accounts followed by these pornbots contain images that are highly graphical and are used as a means to offend ISIS.

Among the most prominent ISIS accounts that were attacked are Amaq – its media agency and of a French born fighter, who now supports ISIS and has, in the past praised the killing of journalists by ISIS.

Although the persons behind the attack on ISIS are not known, it is presumed that it might have something to do with the hackativist group Anonymous. Anonymous has been taking ISIS heads on in the cyber world. After the Paris and Brussels attacks, Anonymous released videos vowing to take action against ISIS.

In one such video, the person wearing the Guy Fawkes mask announced that Anonymous are targeting the online assets of ISIS including their websites and social media accounts. It is therefore, being speculated that the recent attack on ISIS’ Twitter accounts, which has incidentally forced several accounts to go offline might have something to do with Anonymous.