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Some people, it seems find their way into controversies and Martin Shkreli is definitely one of them. Martin Shkreli, while as the CEO of Turin Pharmaceuticals increased the prices of the drugs for HIV to US$750 from US$13.50 overnight.
He was criticised for this move from all the sections of the media and the medical fraternity. Recently, he was arrested by the feds for his alleged role in a Ponzi scheme in one of the finance companies he worked earlier. Shkreli claims that his arrest is a result of not any Ponzi scheme but due to the fact that he increased the prices of the drugs.
Turin Pharmaceuticals acquired the company that would manufacture the HIV drugs and sold them at reasonable prices. When the company headed by Shkreli took over, it increased the prices by around 5556 percent in a single night.
This incident result in Shkreli drawing the flak from various sections of the population and the incidents of his social media accounts getting hacked is a consequence of it. Shkreli found his Twitter account hacked and later his YouTube account was hacked too.
After his arrest and the release the next day in the alleged Ponzi scheme, Shkreli appeared on a live webcast on his YouTube channel. He disappeared midway only to return after several minutes. He refused to discuss on any of the business related matters. Due to such eccentric behaviour, he has more enemies than friends.

Many of his opponents believe his behaviour to be anti-social and have criticised him on every opportunity. The hacking of his social media account could have been done by any of his opponents. They posted hate messages on his account and abused him for his behaviour.