Tox Ransomware is used by hackers to target Paedophiles

Meet Hackers
Hacking is generally has a negative connotation and is generally associated with illegal attempts to hack into computer systems and gain unauthorised access to the data stored on the computer. However, there are several hackers who use their hacking skills to bring justice to certain illegal, immoral and unethical practices.
Tox Ransomware is an application that is being used by several hackers to punish online paedophiles. Paedophiles are one of the worst criminals and despite severest punishments for them in most the countries, internet serves as a safe haven for them as it allows them to access child pornography from the safe confines of their homes.
However, hackers using applications like Tox Ransomware are now going after those paedophiles who like to access child pornography online. The application, as claimed by its developer has so far infected over 1000 computers of those who access child pornography.
The application is a malware that is transmitted using a file name ‘hot pics’, enticing paedophiles to click on them. Once the application has been clicked, it installs an encrypted malware on the computers on which it has been clicked. This malware once installed is difficult to remove and seizes the data on the computer of these paedophiles who are then forced to pay a ransom.
The application platform was developed by a teenager and can be used by anyone to create their own versions of the malware application. They can use the application, collect ransom from paedophiles and pay 30 percent back to the original developer who goes by the name Tox who is now planning to sell off the application to the one who bids highest.

Though the application can be used to disrupt the activities of paedophiles, it is fairly simple in nature and is inefficient. Though it is a malware that can be used to serve good, online paedophiles and the websites that contain child pornography are becoming more aware of such applications and therefore are becoming more careful of it.