Tor messenger allow anonymous chat

Meet Hackers
For the users who are concerned about the security of their
messages when they chat online via various messaging apps, there is a good news
in the form or Tor Messenger. Tor Messenger is a product of the Tor Project
which operates the Tor Network. Tor Project is a non-profit organisation that
is primarily concerned with the safety of the online users.
The Tor Network is a secure network that enhances the
security and the privacy of the users making it difficult for the attackers and
hackers to snoop on them when they are online. The new messenger that has been
named Tor Messenger by the Tor Project uses the transmission protocols of
Instantbird. The Tor Messenger’s beta version supports off the record or ORT
cryptographic protocol that do not exist in the original Instantbird messenger.
The beta version of this new messenger supports various
regular messaging services that include Google Talk, Yahoo messenger, Twitter,
IRC and Facebook Chat. For the users, it will give a similar feel of using
their regular apps whereas at the backend their messages will be a part of the
secure transmission.
All the communication over Tor messenger will be hidden and
encrypted and will be transmitted though server routes that will remain hidden.
Currently this messenger is available for Windows, Linux and Mac. Tor Project
has always tried to provide a secure network to its users.


The new beta version of Tor Messenger is a step in this
direction. Users no longer have to worry about their privacy being compromised.
However, it will also mean that many of the messages that the governments or
the intelligence agencies world over could also not be tracked. The services of
this messenger can be misused by the terrorist organisations for sending secret
messages without the fear of getting caught.