Top 5 Things You Shouldn’t Search on the internet

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Search engines like Google and Bink have made it possible to search anything on the internet, even those which do not really exist. However, some of these searches could be severe hoaxes and others could create a deep psychological impact on you. Hence, it is better to avoid looking for them. A list of some of these searches are presented here.
1. Cancer
Avoid searching for cancer unless there is an absolute need to do so. Rather than providing information, it will scare you with the types of symptoms, extent of cancer around the world, and types of cancer. It’s better to have frequent medical check-ups than to scout for such information online.
2. Giving Birth
Whether it’s a video of a natural delivery or caesarean, never lookup for a video showing a woman or even a mammal giving birth, especially if you or someone you love is pregnant. It’s far too gross to watch.
3. Slaughterhouse
The way they kill the animals is gruesome. You would never imagine how the chicken served in your plate was killed. So, leave out the search for a video showing it, unless you want to become a vegetarian.
4. Death Clock
This is nothing but a hoax. No one can tell you when you will die. Not even a doctor can tell terminally ill patients the day and time of their death. So how can a website do so? But those who are superstitious would fall prey to this type of hoax, which can severely affect them psychologically.
5. Lungs of Smokers
Leave it out if you are a smoker and have no plans to quit. The images of smoke infested lungs are already gross enough. Watching a video could make you feel guilty after every puff. But if you want to quit, do search for it.

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