Top 5 Greatest test of the iphone 7

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Iphone 7 survives in frozen coca cola more than 12 hours

we know that iphone 7 is water resistant but what about the in frozen coca cola? This is somthing

amazing and intresting about the iphone 7 .TECH RAX is the famous iphone Geek demostrate

this whole experiment of the iphone 7 in the coca cola for more than 12 hours .

Tech Rax dip the iphone 7 in the bowl which contain coca cola then he placed inn the fridge for

more than 12 hours after checking iphone 7 ,it works well with no battery issues and with no touch

or anyother issues in it .


Nitrogen test for couple of mintues

another amazing test was with nitrogen which is unique and freaky experiment.Tech Rax drop

nitrogen gas on th iphone 7 for few mintues in the first round while pakying music on it,while

iphone passed the first round after passing one more round ,he moves towards to third round in

which he placed iphon 7 for 5 mintues in the bowl of nitrogen but later on was found that iphone 7

couldnt pass that longer time of the nitrogen test.


Iphone 7 drop test from the 829 metres

3rd greatest test of the iphone 7 is the droping it from the 829 metres i.e actually from the burj -al

khilifa in dubai ,after droping from the such height it wasnt found on the ground and was believed



Iphone 7 test in boiling water .

weknow iphone 7 is a water resistant ,we know that but what about the test in boiling water for

few minutes in each rounds ,but it passes boiling water test ,after few rounds it gives temperature

warning after 5-6 mintues in boiling water.This is absoultsly amazing test we could ever seen in

iphone series .

last and risky test of the iphone 7 is the hammer and knife scratch test


obiviously ,no msartphone could byepass this type of the test,but still as this type of the test is

unique and intresting .iphone geek loves it in breaking the iphone in a new way ,so here he

scratched the new iphone 7 with knife but actually fails on the iphone 7 and inn the last he breaks

the iphone 7 with the hammer with good pressure.