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Top 20 Productive Apps | Android | Iphone

Productive Apps

Productive Apps : It is interesting to see how the words of even the most famous criticizers of the digital world have changed during this epidemic. Earlier what used to be called wasting time on laptops, computers, and mobile phones are now considered as utilizing one’s time.

The world certainly has changed. However, there are claims that productivity has been decreased because of too much exposure to the online content and there will be very few people who deny this.

For the rest of us, who tend to face issues focusing on their work and for those, who are still searching for the best option to expand their business, this article is especially for you. We have listed 20 Productive Apps that can help you in improving your daily life as well as for the company you work for.

Top 20 Productive Apps Listing


Daywise the Very first App Among 20 Productive Apps ,we get distracted by the unwanted notifications on our phone and a study says that every time you get distracted, you lose 23 minutes of your day before you can focus again entirely.

DayWise is an app that helps you avoid your notifications. However, unlike other Productive apps that claim to help you with the same, it doesn’t block all your notifications.

This app lets you decide when you want to see all the notifications from all the apps. You can simply set it for 4 times a day with your convenient timing.


It is an app best suitable for an organization of any sort. The band helps you create a group of your own where you can share important updates, post videos, documents, pictures and can even chat with everybody simultaneously.

It also has the feature of Polls, Attendance, and Live-Streaming; these three features are of utmost importance to any organization but they had to do all these in different sites or applications. With Band, you get everything in one place only.

Digital Well Being by Google

It is always easier to reach your goal when you can track your progress. Digital Well Being app by Google does the same for you; it tells you the amount of time you have been on each application on the phone, it tells you the number of times you have unlocked your phone and even the number of notifications you have received.

Although, only knowing your record isn’t enough, so this app offers you an opportunity to restrict the apps you use for your desired amount of time. This app is especially beneficial for parents as they can set a limit to everything on their child’s phone.


If you are a person who likes to organize their day, do everything according to the schedule then this app is certainly for you. You can create your to-do list in this app including the projects you want to do, workout, and basically any task. You can also set a time limit or reminder in this app.

At the end of the day, this app will send you a report on the completion of your tasks from where you can analyze yourself and improve. During these times, when everyone is at their home struggling to finish their daily chores, this app is very useful.

Lock Me Out

For a person who is an addict to the social media apps like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, and someone who wants to stop this must use the Lock Me Out app. With this Productive app, you can set a limit for yourself for the number of times you have opened the app, for the duration you are in that app and if you exceed the limits set by you, then your phone will be on DND mode for one hour.

Although, you do have the liberty to add the apps you can use during this DND period but it is best for keeping a control on yourself.


This app is for the organizations that are facing trouble on how to manage everything online. Trello is an app that helps you manage your project with no stress at all and at the same time, it is enjoyable as well. The best of this app is that it offers a way through which one can break the big projects into small parts by creating ‘cards’ for each smaller task.

These cards can be arranged into different columns and can represent different phases of the project. It is free to use and you can also buy premium plans with additional features at $9.99


This app is best suited for remote workers and freelancers. The serene app offers many features like it organizes your tasks for you and prompts a single goal for every day.

Not only this, but Serene also breaks your goal into multiple tasks and gives you time in between to relax which increases the productivity of a person. They also offer Website blocker and App blocker in their features.


This again is beneficial for organizations that are looking to go digital. The main key feature which separates Monday from other apps is that it provides you an option of multiple views and so higher authority can easily monitor the progress of other employees. 


Now, this app is usually pre-installed in each phone but we rarely give it a look. Apart from telling the day, this app does so much more. It connects all your calendar to a single interface and even syncs all the events for you. It also gives you a reminder for your event and it is also very easy to use.


For people who hire freelance workers or for the organization whose employees are working from remote locations, it is often difficult to keep a track of whether the other person is doing the assigned task or not. Toggl helps you to overcome this problem by monitoring the time taken by a person to complete one task.

Through this time record, one can know how much money they need to give the other person or as a freelancer, one can generate the correct invoice.


It happens almost all the time when you are at work and you scroll through your phone and find few websites that you would like to explore but because you are at the office, you keep the phone aside thinking you will look at it later but never do because it is hard to remember so many things.

The pocket app helps you to cope up with this problem by saving these websites for you. You can also assign a category to each website you save for later.


‘What you reap is what you sow’. This app has taken is literal meaning into account while creating this app. This app helps you in increasing your productivity and focus. Whenever you want to focus on something and do not want to touch your phone, you can just start the Forest app and plant a tree in there.

The tree will grow continuously until you touch the phone again. The best thing about this app is that you can earn virtual coins by growing trees in the app which will later be used for planting a tree in a real forest.


It is a platform where you can find all the other applications you use for your work. From excel to Google sheets to Evernote and Google notes to project management features, you can find everything in just one app. This helps you in saving one’s money as well as time. 


How many times has it happened that you reached late to work because you got up late because you kept on snoozing your alarm? The answer to this question is almost all the time and this is where the app ‘Kiwake’ comes into play.

Kiwake does this amazing thing where instead of snoozing the alarm, you have to get up and prove to the app that you are awake by taking a picture of yourself.

After this, it asks you to play a mini-game so that along with your body, your brain also wakes up. In the end, you have to read your daily tasks for the day which gets you all motivated for the day.


Today is an app that can be used by everyone and it must be used by everyone as it tells you how much you can avoid harming the environment by not doing some things.

For instance, it tells you can reduce pollution by not using coffee cups each week and that one should rather walk to their office than going by individual vehicles. These are things that we already know, but it reminds us of the same thing compelling us to follow it.

Focus Booster

An app which helps you in focusing on your work or your studies. It always happens that after continuously working for a few hours, you are not able to concentrate. This app is built around the Pomodoro Technique, a famous time management concept.

The main idea of this app is to let you work for 25 minutes and then take a break for 5 minutes to re-energize. This helps in increasing your productivity as well.

Mindful Browsing

This an open-source extension for Chrome which helps you to monitor your activities and control it. It asks you the websites that you wouldn’t like to open for long in the future so that when you open it, it pops out a question ‘Do you really want to do this?’ and also suggest other activities that you must be doing at that time.

Please note here that it doesn’t block you from any websites but instead, it asks you question ‘do you want to do this?’

Stay Focused

Now for those who have low will power and will give up in front of the Mindful Browsing extension, it is better that you block the sites that you no longer want to visit.

Stay Focused is yet again another extension of Chrome which helps you to block the websites or individual pages.

You can also block the entire web and just create a list of those websites that you would like to use. Many organizations use this while handing over the company’s computers to their clients.


Posting your content on social media is a very big task as you have to choose the content first, then search for a good caption and then you have to open several apps like Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn and many more but what if there is an app where you only have to upload your content once and it posts it in every social media platforms.

Although, a freelancer can be benefited from this app but this app is best suitable for organizations that are trying to extend into the digital world.


The Last App Among the Top 20 Productive Apps is Hello-sign that is beneficial for everyone, be it an organization or a freelancer or even a student. There have been multiple times when you have to sign certain papers or you want to get it signed by someone.

It is easier when the paper and the person who is supposed to sign it is in the same city but it is not easier the other way round but with this app, it is easier and safe. This app enables you to sign the paper electronically and the papers you have signed will still be legally binding.

Top 20 Productive Apps recommended by Our Research team .

Productive Apps

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