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Top 10 Best Iphone Games | Iphone Games

Best Iphone games

Apple’s massive library has paid as well as free games. Right from casual puzzlers to some intense battle games, you will get the iPhone games best experience on the iOS platform. To help you find the best iPhone games, take a look at our following list.

1. Call of Duty

Call of Duty is one of the most popular games of recent times. Previously available only for PC, this game is now available for smartphones. It is a free-to-play shooter video game that revolves around how well you survive amongst the other competitors. It is one of the iPhone games best free available. However, the game involves built-in upgradations, which you can purchase if you want to.

2. Clash Royal

Clash Royal is an online multiplayer battle arena game that involves elements from collectible card games and tower defense. It is nothing, but again one of the iPhone games best free real-time strategy video game. Clash Royal has been nominated for many awards and is now recognized as a popular international e-Sport.

3. Fortnite

Earlier available only for PC, the game had expanded to mobile in 2017. Its easy and accessible gameplay, quick setup, and free online connectivity rapidly increased its popularity in the gaming community. The game allows players to experience and enjoy the same game play as that of a home console.

4. Getting Over It

The iPhone games best list is incomplete without this weird yet exciting game. This game gives you the control of a character whose legs are stuck in a cauldron and has a hammer in his hands, which is the only means of his movement. You will need to use the hammer to scale the mountain. Also, there are no save points, so the hammer man can fall back at any point if it loses its balance.

5. Pokemon Go

Another one of the iPhone games best free available and extremely interesting is the Pokemon Go. This mobile game involves location-based and augmented technology. This enables you to perform the act of catching a pokemon into a social and physically active environment. New Pokemon, items, raid battles, and much more get added with every new update. If you are a 90’s kid, you will enjoy this game and fulfill your Pokemon fantasies!

6. Threes!

Familiar with 2048? Well, the original version of that game is the iPhone’s most popular game, Threes! The game interface consists of different numbered tiles. The players need to slide these numbered tiles and combine them according to multiple of threes. The game keeps on going until no more moves remain. A final score is then counted. This game will not only tickle your brain cells but will also keep you active and alert!

7. Warbits

This iPhone game holds the Editor’s Choice title. The game allows you to take control of an army. Using the different turn-based strategies, you need to defeat the enemy. The game involves a campaign, challenge mode, and online play. The cute and quirky graphics make this game fun and interesting.

8. Angry Birds 2

You won’t deny if I state that the Angry Birds game is one of the most legendry franchises present in the gaming world. This is part two of the hit game. Angry Bird 2 involves a war between the birds and the egg-nabbing pigs. With a few changes to the original game, this new version includes multi-stage levels and impress the Mighty Eagle to win coins. This is a light game that shall give you the best casual gaming experience!

9. Sonic Dash 2: Sonic Boom

This game is another one of the light and entertaining iPhone games best free to play available. It is an endless runner game, just like Temple Run. This game is the best fit for everyone’s beloved and favorite hedgehog. You get to play as a Sonic character, including Sonic, Tails, Shadow, Amy, and many more!

10. Minecraft

Minecraft is undoubtedly one of the biggest and successful games of the past few years. The game drops you in a box-based world. You have to survive and build in this boxing world. From the easy beginnings of creating your first pickaxe to making yourself a house, farm, or any other creepy dimensions, the game will keep you hooked to it. If you haven’t tried Minecraft yet, then what are you waiting for? Download the game now!

These were the top 10 iPhone games available in 2020. If you are a newbie into the gaming world, try a few of these above games and start!

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