Top 10 apps you should use on your android phones

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Here are some of the Must-Have apps for your Android Smartphones
1. Energy Bar
It displays the battery information over any other app and also allows customization and color coding for different battery levels. Useful for keeping an eye on battery while playing games and watching movies.

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2. Flexi keyboard
A much better keyboard than Google keyboard. Has a host of emoji, gifts, and plugins. Supports easy typing.
3. Twilight                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Changes the color of the phone from blue to red after twilight to make it look more attractive and soothing in the evening and night.
4. Google Allo
A perfect replacement for WhatsApp and offers several more features. Just type @Goggle for launching Google Assistant which supports voice commands. Allows incognito chats which are deleted after sometime.
5. Nova Launcher
Nova Launcher is a launcher for Android that allows you to customise your icons and other features of your Android phones.
6. Retrorika Launcher
Retrorika is a launcher that gives the phone an antique look. The launcher has beautiful retro looking icons.
7. Prisma
Prisma is an artistic photo editing app which allows instant photo editing. It has several features that enable users make easy and efficient edits to the images. However, it is not entirely like Photoshop and accords basic edits.
8. Material Notes
It is an excellent application for you to record notes, make checklists, and record important points. What’s more? You can even colour code the notes so that it is easy to classify and identify them, as well as determine their priority.
9. Cardboard Camera
Cardboard Camera is an app for recording Virtual Reality content. Using this app, you can use your phone camera for recording 360 degree photos which can then be viewed using Google Cardboard.
10. Flamingo
It is a Twitter clientthat allows adding several features to Twitter and making it more convenient to operate.

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