Tesla Wireless Charger for iPhones and android

Tesla wireless charger

Tesla Wireless Charger for iPhones and android .Tesla has introduced the wireless charger that got sold out within a day. The Sale of the Tesla Wireless charger was hosted on their website you can find link below.

Tesla wireless charger got sold out within a day .Why ?this is not the first wireless charger introduced. This Wireless charger is a quality one and expensive than the other wireless chargers available in the market.

This wireless charger supports the 5 w for the wireless 7w for the wired option. This wireless charger supports both wireless as well as the wired option. It support USB and Type c ports respectively. It is believed that the wireless charger got sold out because of brand of the Tesla. In our opinion people have more trust in the Tesla products than the other the available wireless chargers.

It supports in every smartphone which has certification of wireless charging. Tesla wireless charger has capacity of 6000 mah. Pretty cool for the wireless charging.It is not known when will be Tesla wireless charger in stock for the next sale. It comes in two color variants that is black and white .

Tesla isn’t introducing any tech product for the first time, They have introduced power bank which is of 45$ and has capacity of 3000 mah that old now. Tesla’s another product is Tesla desktop supercharger which doesn’t support USB port and cost around 45$.

You can see Tesla has interest in introducing some tech products apart from manufacturing of the electric vehicles, solar panels or solar roof tiles. Tesla Is manufacturing more semi electric trucks for the walmart as they might be decreasing the number of the diesel trucks in their company .Walmart seems adopting the technology introduced by the Tesla (formally known by Tesla motors) and would achieved some benefits of the Tesla products.

Tesla is founded by Elon Musk who is associated with the number of the major companies
Like :
1)Space x




I think that enough brief about the Tesla .If you wish to have review about the wireless charger you can watch it below: