Support rally for Jeremy Hammond by Anonymous

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The hacktivists group Anonymous have stated that they will be holding a rally at the Suits and Spooks tech conference on 20thJune 2015. The group has urged members from around the world to rally in support of Jeremy Hammond and other members of LulzSec, who have been arrested due to the betrayal of the FBI informer Hector Xavier Monsegur aka Sabu.
Sabu is one of the guest speakers at Suits and Spook. Due to the planned protest, SOHO House shall not be hosting the event and it has been moved to Crosby Street Hotel that is on 79 Crosby St New York City. Sabu is scheduled to speak at 3 PM and Anonymous have requested their members to gather at 2 PM outside the hotel.
The group has asked those members who cannot gather outside the hotel to join the protest on Twitter @FreeJeremyNet. The hashtags the group have urged their members to join are #FreeHammond #FuckSabu and #J20ForJeremy.
Jeremy Hammond is a brilliant computer programmer and has been a member of Anonymous. He disclosed the information on Strategic Forecasting, Inc. (StratFor), a private intelligence firm. He revealed that the firm is spying on the human rights activists for governments and corporations. The files exposed by him were published by WikiLeaks along with 29 other media organisations that exist in different parts of the world. These were published under the Global Intelligence Files.

Hammond is currently serving 10 years sentence in a medium security Manchester, Kentucky federal prison. It was Sabu who informed the federal agents about Hammond. Hammond was arrested in March 2012 and since then is in the prison where he frequently has to stay in solitary confinements. Hammond faced a sentence of 40 years after which he agreed to a non-cooperation plea deal. Despite received support through 265 letters sent by his supporters for leniency, he was awarded 10 years in prison.