Sundar Pichai Google Ceo Twitter and Quora Accounts Hacked

Meet Hackers

The unexpected update from Google CEO Sundar Pichai got hacked , Sundar Pichai ‘s Twitter and quora were linked with each other. actually his qoura account was hacked by the hacker with  a flaw in a quora ,

qoura account was connected to twitter which let the Hackers to tweet to his thousands of followers.The hacker behind this hack are known by OURMINE . it seems the hackers are good  that is why they didn’t tease Google Ceo Sundar Pichai much with his social media profiles.

Google CeoOUR MINE might be soon to become legal security firm in order to prevent such hacking attacks, in fact they believe in white hat hacking . as per some sources they have some exploits which help them in hacking the password from the major high profile people. OUR MINE hacked Google ceo via flaw in quora website .

I think you must change your password now ,

About Google Ceo Sundar Pichai

Sundar Pichai is a currently chief executive officer of google . He is 43 years old and was born in Chennai (india). Sundar Pichai became Ceo of Google at 10 of august 2015 and joined Google in 2004.Before Ceo at google he was heading team of Google Chrome browser and other apps.