Steps For Becoming An Ethical Hacker

Steps for becoming Ethical hacker

An Ethical Hacker is a specialist in a computer network that deals with an organization’s security posture. His job is to trigger security flaws in the company he works for by testing all aspects of the system and its systems for any kind of vulnerability. The main point to note is that all of this is done with the organization’s owners ‘ approval and with no malicious intent. Often known as a white hat hacker, an ethical hacker is the extreme opposite of a black hat hacker, a.k.a crackers who hack with the sole purpose of causing some kind of destruction, or confusion from the vulnerabilities they discover.


How you begin your journey to become an Ethical Hacker depends greatly on your current field of employment, study or research.

If you’re not in a field that’s remotely related to computer science, information technology or cybersecurity, you may need to step into one.

This may be an easy task for someone who is at that infancy of their career but for others, suddenly changing their field of work is a daring task.

Getting a bachelor’s degree would certainly help you snag the job, but with a general knowledge of networking and operating systems you will pass the most beginner-level interview!

Apart from the technical knowledge, an innovative thinker must be an ethical hacker.

Ethical hackers need to anticipate and avoid cracker activities and this needs an ‘ out – of-the-box ‘ approach to solving general issues as you have to keep one step ahead of black hat hackers.

Ethical hackers also need to be able to exert immaculate judgment under pressure. Last but not least, an ethical hacker must be capable of communicating to the relevant department the problems it detects.

Anyone wary of going to college could also try a military career. Having some military experience, particularly in the intelligence division, could help your resume get noticed by needed employers.

It’s really hard to get a job as an ethical hacker before gaining some industry experience.

After you get an entry-level job as a tech support engineer or a security analyst, you could try to get some of the more important certifications that will definitely give you an advantage over others when you apply for a job.

Let’s talk about those other certifications you may want to obtain!

While talent and skill are not only developed by certifications, they allow others to prove their knowledge and ability.

Even if you don’t have enough experience in the industry, a credential such as Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH) would certainly help.

CEH is an unbiased credential and generally high demand is from CEH certified ethical hackers. A CEH certified ethical hacker earns around $88,000 per year according to PayScale.

Besides CEH, there are a few other notable certifications that support your potential as an ethical hacker for example:

               • EC-Council – Certified Ethical Hacker

               • EC-Council – Certified Security Analyst+

               • Offensive Security Certified Professional

               • Offensive Security Certified Expert


Every time someone ask me on how to start in the cyber security domain, I do advice them with the following information.

I do always point out the fact that when anyone is beginning with in the cyber security domain, they should strengthen these 4 pillars of cyber security:

               • System Architecture & Design

               • Networking Methodologies

               • Programming

               • Social Engineering


  •                System Architecture & Design will explain the functionality of the system altogether
  •                Networking methodologies helps you understand the basics of network communication & analysis
  •                Learning programming languages helps in understanding the basic structure & functioning of any system/mechanism
  •                Social Engineering deals majorly with the thought process & mentality required cyber security operations

If these are string enough, every gradual step taken ahead in the cyber security domain will be fruitful.

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