Meet the Space x first moon tourist

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          Meet the Space x first moon tourist( Yusaku Maezwa )

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Space x  founded by Elon musk the infamous entrepreneur. Space x is the first company who are dealing with space tourism. Yes you heard right Space x now lets us to explore space with the newer technology . Elon musk revealed the first person who will the first moon tourist.

This all was possible with the help of the space’s  x new big Falcon rocket that is made to drive the people into deep space. The person who will be first moon tourist is Japanese and named by yusaku Maezwa and he would be inviting more people to explore the moon.

Yusaku is billionaire and owns eCommerce store (zohotown) with the annual sales over 800 million us dollars. How much this trip would cost isn’t revealed by the space x yet. Yusaku net worth is over $2.5 billion estimated by Forbes.

Yusaku is interested in exploring the space with artists. so there is no detail when shall be the trip exactly or how much its cost or any other plan. Yusaku is the first private passenger to explore the moon.

Yusaku is the 14th richest person in the Japan. He has created the art project called the #dearmoon that’s why he would be loving the exploring the moon with the artist of his choice, He is art collector.

It is believed that trip duration would be 6-7 days and flight would be in 2023 that’s too long enough to see all this thing. let see how Space x starts its space tourism business during these year.

space x is also working for mission which would carry people to mars with the help of his reusable rocket and upgrading fueling technology.

Elon Musk Is infamous entrepreneur and various experts are amazed by his mission mars, they haven  no idea how the space x will carried such mission or what technology would made it possible, it may sound silly to us about trip on mars and serving there.