Sony to pay US$8million for the hacked data

Meet Hackers
Sony had plans to release its movie “The Interview” showing
the assassination of Kim Jong Un, the North Korean Leader. However, Sony was
never able to release the movie officially as the computers of Sony were hacked
into by the attackers who were protesting against the release of the movie.
These hackers accessed the database of the company and leaked pirated version
of the movie. They also leaked sensitive personal information of the employees
of Sony and posted them online.


The leaked data contained personal information of the
employees resulting in employees filing a legal suit against the company
claiming that they have faced financial losses due to the leak of their
personal information. The employees are scared that their leaked personal
information can be misused and accordingly they have stepped up their personal
credit monitoring.
The United States investigators believed that the hack was
conducted by North Korean hackers, however a group that calls itself “Guardians
of Peace” has claimed the responsibility of the attack on the computers at
North Korean government has denied the reports that the
hackers were backed by the government. But, it is important to note that before
the actual hack, the North Korean officials had warned Sony against the release
of the movie by calling it a terrorist activity and if the movie is released
the company will have to face serious repercussions.
Due to the hacking incident, Sony has to pay US$8 million as
the settlement amount. The settlement amount includes $2.5 million to be paid
to the employees, both current and former whose information was leaked. The
amount paid to individual employees is US$10,000. Apart from that the company
has to shell out US$2 million for protecting its employees from credit faults
with an amount of US$1,000 for each employee. US$3.5 million will be paid for
the legal fees that the company has incurred due to the lawsuit.