sms picture hijacking leads all iphone and ipads users at risk

Meet Hackers

last week ,a security researcher namely jonathan Zdziarski spoke about this malware in the HOPE X conference at new york city,according to him,once attacker got access with the help of this malware,the attacker can easily surf your phone ,can see your photos,videos,messages,contacts and they say that this hole may have been intentionally placed by apple,in order to give N.S.A  a easy surveillance,later on he spoke about this problem in more detail,he said “AROUND 600 MILLION IPHONES ARE AFFECTED BY THE BACKDOOR”, as apple didnt give much attention towards JONATHAN ZDIZARSKI,but they provide small statement

“We have designed iOS so that its diagnostic functions do not compromise user privacy and security, but still provides needed information to enterprise IT departments, developers and Apple for troubleshooting technical issues. A user must have unlocked their device and agreed to trust another computer before that computer is able to access this limited diagnostic data. The user must agree to share this information, and data is never transferred without their consent.
As we have said before, Apple has never worked with any government agency from any country to create a backdoor in any of our products of services. “

china doesn’t think these as strong anti virus program ,as public security ministry said symantec’ data loss prevention software contained huge security