Skype Activates Real Time Translation

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Skype has just activated the real time translation function that has been a part of the news since the mid of last year. Skype began activating the feature in December 2015 and now it has been activated for all the users.
Skype is one of the most popular online communication tools that is used for personal and professional communication. Users can chat, make calls and can even send SMSs. People from several countries who speak different languages use Skype for communication. Skype has been trying to engage its users in a batter way and had stated introducing a translation app. Now, it has an integrated feature that allows real time translation possible using Skype.
Currently this feature is available in the desktop application of Skype. Currently, there is no information on when will this feature be introduced in Android or other platform versions of Skype. This new feature allows translation in 50 languages that are currently being supported by Skype and listed on the website of Microsoft. It also supports 7 languages in real time conversations. These languages include German, French, English, Mandarin, Spanish, Portuguese and Italian. After the implementation of this feature, the calls made through Skype has increased by 4 times since it has been activated. An icon of the globe is displayed on all the updated versions of Skype in the top right corner. By clicking on it, the users can use this tool in real time. If this icon does not appear, it means that Skype is not updated.
However, there is still a long way to go before this feature actually provides high quality translation. It is a machine learning method and will improve as more users use this feature. As more and more users start using this feature, the translation will become more efficient. Despite this, the integration of this feature and extending it to all users is a welcome move from Skype and it will go a long way in popularising this app to the global users.