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Mohammad Jan Rasulyar is the Deputy Governor the province of Helmand in Afghanistan. The province is considered to be the stronghold of Taliban. In a bid to warn the President of Afghanistan Ashraf Ghani about the dangers posed by Taliban, Rasulyar tried to contact him directly but failed in his efforts.
Despite his repeated attempts to contact the president, he could never contact him directly. Consequently he had to find an alternative and accordingly posted a message on Facebook for the president. Rasulyar has stated that his province is under constant threat from Taliban. According to him, over 90 Afghan security persons have been killed in just a single month and the number is in several hundreds in the past 6 months.
He has also stated that those who are claiming that there is peace in the province are trying to hide facts and shift the focus away from Helmand. Also, NATO forces are now mere spectators as they are not allowed to participate in the combat in the region. It is because of these reasons, it is difficult for the forces in the province to keep Taliban at bay.
Helmand is one of the places with a large crop of opium. It is here that Talibani forces cultivate opium to be sold in the international market by the way of smuggling and earn money for their activities. Therefore, for them the place is too precious to be drawn out easily by the Afghan or even the NATO forces.

Rasulyar acknowledged in this open letter on Facebook to the president that it is not right for him to have posted his message on Facebook but due to the criticality and urgency of the situation, there was no other way for him.