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Security Cameras Hacked By Technician For Watching Sex By Clients

Security cameras hacked by technician

Security Cameras hacked by a home security technician to spy on clients. Watching them undressed or having sex. This was the reason behind the hacking of the security cameras 220 customers.

Security Technician Named Aviles has been spying on customers for more than 4 years. Only attractive women were the target of this hack.

How he hacked Security cameras?

Aviles work for the ADT who provides service installation of the security cameras, Locks and other types of equipment. Aviles added a personal email address during installation on the ADT Pulse.

ADT Pulse App help customer to remotely check security cameras. He added the email without notifying the customers.As per the reports,ADT company wasn’t aware of this hack, Several Customers file a complaint against the Company over the hack.

The technician did not record the videos for extortion or something like that.

Should we install security Cameras?

Big No , When you install security cameras you have no privacy. Even No one ensures 100% security in the world. Smartphone cameras are not safe yet.

We can adjust with another type of camera but not the home security camera who can create nightmares for the whole family and can contribute to adult content anonymously for years.

Security cameras are not recommended, You should avoid them as much as possible.

Anything that is connected to the internet is hackable. The only thing is some are easy to hack while some are difficult to hack but hackable. Thanks to white hat hackers who are defending various platforms secure.

The only thing you can save yourself from the hackers is awareness and interaction with the internet.There are multiple website that share Security Cameras live streaming of various public places. One can Access Exposed Security Cameras using default login credentials,That are easily available on the internet.

How to use google for hacking cameras ?