jewish newspaper website hacked by hackers

Meet Hackers

Website of ‘The Jewish Press’, a pro Israel newspaper was hacked by a group which goes by the name Gaza Hacker Team. Gaza Hacker Team supports Palestine and has hacked the website of the Jewish newspaper and replaced its contents with anti Israel material.

They posted a picture of a man sitting on a horse holding a black flag which looks similar to an ISIS flag.

An Arabic chant continuously plays in the background and there are Arabic words in green and red colours posted on the website. The text on the hacked website warns Israel and threatens to destroy the country. Cyber Security expert Paul Goldenberg specifies that such attacks are serious in nature and expose the vulnerabilities of such websites. He also warns about more such attacks against the Jewish community and Israel in the future.

Goldenberg cofounded Secure Community Network (SCN) in 2004 which is a nonprofit organisation and was established to provide security to Jewish organisations in the United States. The group so far has countered cyber attacks from several non-state actors as well as state actors such pro-Palestinian, pro-ISIS groups, countries like Iran and Pakistan.

According to him such cyber attacks are extremely serious in nature since they grossly affect the security of the information as well as individuals. Compromising of such important and classified data such as information about individuals and other institutions pose a severe security challenge to the individuals as well as institutions. It also negatively affects the reputation and the credibility of the organisations whose website is being hacked and the data is compromised.

Cyber attacks are becoming even more threatening day by day. These pose some serious threats to even major countries, their defence and governmental establishments all around the world. It is therefore critical to counter such threats in time.