Samsung asked to pay additional US$180 million to Apple

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The case “Apple Inc. v. Samsung Electronics Co Ltd in the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California, No. 11-cv-1846” is now becoming a tough battle for Samsung. Around a week ago, a court in the United States asked Samsung to pay a compensation of US$548 million to Apple.
The verdict was given in the case where Apple sued Samsung for copying its design of iPhone. The original verdict was given in 2012 and the original amount decided was US$930 million. However, an appeal from Apple reduced the amount to US$548 million. The court claimed that the design of iPhone could not be covered under the trademark by Apple thereby reducing the amount of patent infringement to US$548 million.
The infringement of patent in terms of design is attributed to the copying of the icons of the apps and games as displayed on iPhone, its bezel and the front part of the phone. Now Apple appealed in the court that despite the verdict in 2012, Samsung continued to sell 5 of its phones with similar features that represent further infringement of patents.
Apple has asked for additional damages citing these further infringement on part of Samsung, losses suffered by Apple and interest on the damages owned by Samsung. Accordingly Samsung has been asked to pay additional US$180 million.
Samsung has however appealed against the verdict in the Supreme Court of the United States stating that it has already paid more amount than needed as copyright and patent infringement. The legal battle it seems would continue even in 2016 with further consideration of the issue in the California Federal Court in the month of March 2016 in San Jose.
Both Apple and Samsung represent the largest smartphone companies in the iOS and Android segments and it seems that there is no end to the rivalry between the two that has moved from mobile devices to the courtroom.