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Russian Hackers Hacked Into Pentagon | Cozy Bear Hacker Group

Russian Hackers Hacked Into Pentagon | Cozy Bear Hacker Group

Russian hackers hacked into the Pentagon.Cozy bear hacker group is reportedly behind this operation. Fortune 500 companies are majorly attacked in this hack. All this Hack started with a software update served by the hackers.

Hackers targeted all the victims who have been using Orion software provided by the Solarwind company. FireEye, A cybersecurity company itself got hacked recently. Cozy Bear Hackers seems to prepare this operation for months. Department of homeland security was also under attack.Department of homeland security is responsible for handling cyber attacks,but they themselve got under attack .

Investigations are underway, Cozy bear hackers were precise about hacking into victims and stealing the data. It seems hackers have succeeded in this operation. Russians and Chinese hackers are the best in the Cyber world. United States cannot beat them. Chinese and Russian hackers always in the cyberspace of the US.

How Did They Hack ?

Solarwind is a software company that develops software for an organization for monitoring its network. Orion is the product of Solarwind which is used by US Agencies. Hackers infiltrated using Orion software update, Which was not an official update. It was the update develop by the Cozy bear hacker group only. Victims who download the update were all hacked by the hackers.

We don’t think that Russian hackers would leave the pentagon without stealing the data. Hackers first attacked the SolarWinds products and then attack its clients. SolarWind has major clients including the pentagon and other US agencies.

FireEye Raise Alarms after they were hacked.US agencies didn’t expect this massive breach. Investigation didn’t reveal to what extent the hackers have compromised the data. United States adminstration seems the favorite target of the russian hackers.It would be very intresting to know to what extent they conducted this hack.

Let’s see how united states will react to this massive breach. The battle between white hats and black hats is continued.

Russian hackers found Vulnerabilities in Microsoft Windows and Adobe Flash