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Russia and Turkey have been at loggerheads since Turkey downed a Russian aircraft that Russia claims was targeting ISIS militia. Although the conflict between Russia and Turkey in the diplomatic world continues, the fight has also now extended to the cyber space.
In the most recent incident, the website of the Russian embassy in Israel was hacked and defaced by a hacking team from Azerbaijan known as Bortecine Siber Tim. The URL of the website is and after it was hacked, the hackers left messages in Azeri, Turkmeni and Turkish. The hacking incident was perpetrated on 16th January and the Russian IT team tracked the source of the hack, took down the defacement and re-launched the website.
The Azerbaijani group claimed that they were the attackers on Twitter. The attack is the latest in the series of the attacks by various hackers on Russian websites and other cyber sources. After the Russian aircraft was attacked by the Turkish forces, the hacktivist group Anonymous took down the websites of the Turkish government by launching the DDoS or the Distributed Denial of Service attacks. It is the only instance till date where supporters of Russia have attacked the Turkish online assets. Anonymous claimed that the attack was in retaliation of the Turkish support to the ISIS forces that includes treating their injured militants and buying oil from them.
Immediately after this attack from Anonymous, hackers supporting Turkey hacked Instagram account of Nikolay Nikiforov, the Minister for Communications and Mass Media in Russia. The hackers then hacked the website of the Russian football club Lokomotiv Moskow and the Central Bank of Russia.
The recent attack on the Russian embassy website clearly indicates that the war in the cyberspace between the two nations is only escalating.