The Risk of playing Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go has been around for just a little over 20 days but it has gripped over 75 million players around the world in its fever. The game has been downloaded and played in over 38 countries and the addiction seems only to have begun.

It is a virtual reality based game that combines real life locations using the camera of the phone to display characters on the screens of the mobile phones of the users. The users are then required to capture or train these characters.

This game has taken mobile gaming to a whole new level. Players are encouraged to go outside of their homes and search for virtual characters in real location by using their mobile phones. A large number of people have appreciated this game as they think it is encouraging people to go out and have fun in the real world.

But, despite its supporters, the game has been criticized by many. There have been incidents when gamers have become so engrossed in the game that they actually forget they are in the real world, ending up in accidents or other untoward incidents. In an incident in Canada, a woman who was playing Pokemon Go in a parking lot was nearly hit by a car at 2 AM in the morning driven by a driver who was also playing Pokemon Go. In another incident, a player was playing the game in a garden late in the night when he was assaulted.

There have been numerous accidents in the UK, New Zealand, the US and other nations. Players get encouraged by the game to isolated locations late in the evenings and get robbed or they get so involved in the game that they meet with accidents. Another example of wrong time wrong place phenomenon is near a hospital in India where gamers block the main gate of the hospital. It has resulted in the ambulance getting stuck for several minutes till the time the path is cleared by the gamers.

So, do you really want to end up in a situation where you can potentially cause harm to yourselves and others? Is a game more important than a human life? And all the argument of people getting encouraged to go out and play is irrelevant. Instead go for a jogging and come back and play a game on your mobile phone indoors.