Release of Kali Linux 2.0 announced and it much more powerful than ever before!
The version 2.0 of the Debian based Linux distribution has
been released and offers a much more efficient and effective user interface,
updates and powerful tools. This version of Kali was released by offensive
Security, who in the past have released ‘Swiss Army Knife’ a powerful tool for security
researchers, ethical hackers and penetration testers.
The latest version of Kali, also code named Kali Sana is an
open source platform useful for testing several security vulnerabilities in a
computer network. Kali 2.0 packs several hacking, forensic, reverse engineering
and penetration testing tools into a single powerful Linux distribution
The Linux distribution system is based on the open end
Debian. Debian is an operating system and distribution system for Linux and is
based on UNIX. The latest version of Kali comes packed with a much snappier and
crisp user interface, powerful tools and rolling updates. The rolling updates
are available not just for Kali but also for the individual tools. It means
that if you are using this Linux distribution system and its power tools, you
will always have the latest updates available to you.
What it will ensure it is
that users always work on the cutting edge tools when using Kali.
The user interface is highly epigrammatic, user friendly and
intuitive. It has all the tools docked onto the side of the screen instead of
them being arranged as a menu item which is otherwise tiring to browse.


Kali Linux 2.0 runs on Linux Kernel version 4.0, uses full
Gnome 3 Desktop, supports 2.0 version of Ruby and includes a horde of highly
sophisticated wireless penetration tools. Kali also supports various desktop
environments, displays desktop notifications for updates for the tools and has
a bundled screen recording tool enabling users to record their desktops.