Ransomware will be bigger threats in the next year

Meet Hackers

Ransomware have become bigger threats in the recent years and it seems the issue will only increase in 2016. For those who are not aware what Ransomware are, these are malware applications that get hold of the data or application of the users and force them to pay ransom for letting their data or app become accessible.
So, in the recent years, there has been an increasing threats from Ransomware and it seems that there is not stopping of it. Cyber security agencies, companies and governments have been total failures when it comes to cyber security. Despite the advancement of technology, growing threats online and an increased awareness against cybercrime, nothing concrete seems to be happening in the online world and Ransomware are the newest entrants among them.
It seems that the cyber criminals have been more adept and efficient in adopting new technologies. They more efficiently exploit vulnerabilities offered by the latest smartphones and even legit free apps like those from Microsoft and Google. From what used to be limited to the computers, Ransomware it now seems is moving beyond and affecting even smartphones.

These vulnerabilities in the systems like smartphones are enabling hackers to not just hold the data and apps on phones and computers captive for ransom, but even the data stored over the Cloud is an easy and soft target for them. Despite all the precautions, the problem is only increasing. It is believed that the use of Cloud computing, mobile devices for surfing the internet and use of other applications will increase. Also, a new target for these criminals might open up in the IoT or the Internet of Things segment as it would become more and more popular and used service in the next year.