An Insider to PUBG Mobile season 5

Pubg Mobile

An Insider to PUBG Mobile season 5, most amazing and must know news about it

The season 5 of Pubg Mobile will inculcate a lot of stuff like the new skins, weapons, apparels and the most exciting Zombie mode.

The theme has been the most consistent factor for Pubg Mobile and hence season 5 is also expected to emerge with some innovative theme. It may revolve around fire theme which can be similar to apocalypse movie and will very well blend with a zombie mode.

Coming to apparels, season 5 apparels are more or less motivated by Japanese warriors and Assassin’s Creed. In addition to this, an entire gold body suit, a birthday cake suit along with a mixture of other apparels for both males and females may steal the show.

Skin is yet another vital factor that everybody will be looking forward to. New skins have been added for weapons. White and black dragon skin for the Kar98k, gold skin for UMP and AKM are few examples and many more are there in this list. In apparels, there is a birthday cake suit hence in order to complement well with it an ice cream truck skin for the Volkswagen van may be witnessed.

Along with all of the above factors mentioned, there are lot more features that one can expect in upcoming seasons of PUBG Mobile. One very exciting feature is the introduction of a new weapon named as MK47 Mutant. It will be making its debut with PUBG Mobile. In addition to all these exciting features, one may also witness new Royal Pass Rewards and one can also be able to convert BP currency to UC. The most exciting feature, of course, remains the Zombie mode which means players need to endure against giant bloodthirsty zombies.