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PM Modi Hacked By Twitter Hackers | Is China Behind It

Pm Modi Hacked

Pm Modi Twitter Got Hacked.This type of attack is Common. We have seen before where the hackers ask bitcoins by malicious Ways.

Here Pm Modi Tweeted ,

“I appeal to you all to donate generously to PM National relief Fund For Covid-19 .Now India Begin with Cryptocurrency ,Kindly Donate Bitcoin to mentioned address”

The hackers made two tweets in which Modi appeared to be asking for donations in the name of PM National Relief Fund for COVID-19.

The Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s twitter account was no exception to such attacks as it recently got hacked.

Pm Modi Twitter handler appeal for donation in the form of crypto-currency, were seen from his twitter handle.

These types of attacks are pretty standard, where hackers try to generate bitcoins by barging into accounts of famous personalities.

The twitter accounts of leaders of the most powerful nation in the world were compromised.


There are believed to be two prime and separate reasons which can explain the probable source of this malicious attack.

The first possibility suggests that this could be the doing of a group of hackers dedicated to getting as many crypto-currencies.

The second one can be a bit of concern,This could be done by state-sponsored hackers trying to defame the nation by corrupting the cyberspace.

There are many hacker groups from different nations like Russia and China who hold expertise in Twitter hacking.

Given the current state of affairs, it won’t come as a surprise if China is behind this. The relations between India and China have been sour lately, with all the border tensions looming around, this attack was imminent.

Moreover, the government recently banned the majority of the Chinese apps as a security measure, primarily to safeguard our nation from information theft.

According to the government, the banned apps posed a threat to national security, and these steps were necessary.

Although nothing can be said with full certainty as tracking the hackers is almost next to impossible; still, twitter has initiated a probe into the hack so that in future such attacks can be prevented.

Twitter has been favorite target of the hackers because it gives fame and money instantly.

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