PlayStation 4 “Hacked”

Meet Hackers

A news is doing the round over the internet and promoted over Twitter that PlayStation 4 has been hacked by a hacker who goes by the name CTurt. The news is being circulated by a thread named NeoGAF that is explaining the users how to hack the system and get an access to the RAM of PlayStation 4.
The exploit is a mechanism to jailbreak PlayStation 4 and allows users a kernel level access to the coveted gaming console. However, there is also a news piece that suggests that the PlayStation 4 that was jailbroken ran on an older version of the firmware. The version 1.6 firmware that hosted PlayStation 4 was jailbroken giving the hacker a complete access to the kernel of the console.
This vulnerability has been patched in the version 2.0 firmware making it unlikely for it to be jailbroken. The current PlayStations run on the version 3.11. Although it is highly improbable to jailbreak this version of PlayStation, even if someone manages to compromise its security, the secured encryption key would still be needed.
The security level of PlayStation 4 is now enhanced significantly making it almost impossible to touch it in any manner. However, the ingenuity required to hack into the system is undeniable. CTurt could breach the highest security levels of PS4 and also gain an access to its secured file. It could do it by exploiting the vulnerabilities of the Webkit browser of PS4.

Sony, it seems have taken a serious cognisance of the situation making it highly unlikely for the hack to be reproduced on the latest firmware levels. However, the news of the hack has resulted in several users asking for a pirated version of PS4. This news of the hacking incident of PS4 is the second in the line of news with the initial reporting being done in May.