Paid subscription service YouTube Red

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YouTube is known for its ad-filled videos that can be
accessed by anyone. Anybody can post their videos and it includes several large
production and movie houses. It is pretty common to find a movie or an episode
of a popular serious on YouTube. All of this is available for free, but with
loads of advertisements that play before the video or on a part of the screen.
Several viewers feel frustrated by these advertisements and
have been asking for an alternative. Now it seems YouTube has listened to them
with the launch of YouTube Red, but it is a paid service.
YouTube Red will be
available for views in the US for a free one month trial from 28th
October. The service will be available currently in the US before it is
launched in other parts of the world. Once the free trial period is over,
viewers may opt for a subscription that will cost them US$9.99 per month.
Whether it is feasible to pay for the service will depend
upon two factors. First, what kind of content will be available once a viewer
opts for YouTube Red and which content that will NOT be available on the
regular free YouTube service? The current unpaid service will continue with the
current advertisement features.
But, there is a possibility that not all the contents
available on the paid service without the advertisements will be available on
the regular YouTube service with advertisements. How many viewers will apply
for the paid subscription remains to be seen and the effectiveness of the
service in the US will determine whether the service will be launched in other
parts of the world.


The subscription package will also offer YouTube Music App,
YouTube Gaming and Google Play Music. There is a possibility that YouTube will
also produce its original contents in the future.